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One of the factors that a therapist needs to consider is the width of the massage table. The width of the massage table has more to do with the body type of the therapist than anything else.
If you are tall and rangy, you will have no issue with any table width. Tall people are lucky enough to be able to work on just about any size of table, as long as the table is adjusted to the proper height. Almost all our table are height adjustable so no issues here, you tall people !
If you are short -meaning under 5'5''- and have correspondingly short arms, the width of the table becomes critical. If you are in this category, make sure you can step in close enough to the client to direct your body weight through relaxed shoulders down through your hands. Reaching across the table should not feel stressful.

Here is what we at Massage Table Depot advise for people:

- shorter than 5'5": choose a 25" - 28" width
- between 5'6" and 5'7": use the standard with 29" - 30"
- 5'8" or taller: look for a wider table (if you'd like): 31" and wider