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Advise from the Expert

Expert AdviseWhen looking for a massage table, you will find a wide range of massage tables to choose from. With such a large assortment it can be a daunting challenge to find the right table, especially for a new massage therapist whose career path isn't settled yet. When looking at those beautiful wooden tables with the fluffy foam and fancy add-ons, your heart may say one thing and your wallet insists on something else... There is no single "right" answer. What's right for one person may be all wrong for another.

To make the choice easier for you, we made a list of factors you need to weigh. Once you went through this list, you will be able to make an educated decision on what to buy. You won't regret your purchase !

Guidelines to finding the best massage table for you, your clients and your business

Rule #1: Know your personality

What type of personality describes you best? Do you always want to have the best product, or at least the best you can afford? Or are you happier spending just enough to get what you need? Both ways are fine, the one is not better than the other. What strikes one person as a wise commitment to quality may seem to be needless overspending to another. Just be careful and make sure that the basic things you do in setting up your practice are in alignment with your belief system.

Rule #2: Be aware of your body type

If you are tall and rangy, you will have no issue with any table width. Tall people are lucky enough to be able to work on just about any size of table, as long as the table is adjusted to the proper height. Almost all our table are height adjustable so no issues here, you tall people !

If you are short -meaning under 5'5''- and have correspondingly short arms, the width of the table becomes critical. If you are in this category, make sure you can step in close enough to the client to direct your body weight through relaxed shoulders down through your hands. Reaching across the table should not feel stressful.

Here is what we at Massage Table Depot advise for people:

- shorter than 5'5": choose a 25" - 28" width

- between 5'6" and 5'7": use the standard with 29" - 30"

- 5'8" or taller: look for a wider table: 31" and wider 

Rule #3: Consider the type of massage

For a massage student, this can be a tricky question because it is hard to predict what you will be ending up doing. Until you get through school, you may not know what you are really good at. Will you be doing craniosacral work or would you like to specialize in deep-tissue massages? Each type of work requires different features on the table. So buying a table while you are still a student may be "putting the cart before the horse" unless you know from the start what you want. Therefore we advise students who are testing the waters and trying to find out what their field of specialisation will be, to wait a while before they invest in a top-quality table and go for a massage table kit which includes everything a starting therapist needs. 

For those who know what their specialisation is, you need to consider the stress that your type of work may put on the table. It is obvious that a therapist who needs to climb onto a table with a client would need to invest in a stronger table, a table built to hold greater weight. Also consider the type of client you will be seeing bariatric clients for example will need sturdier tables.

Rule #4: Consider the weight of the massage table

The majority of massage tables we sell today are portable. These tables are foldable what makes it easy for therapists on the move. Therefore you need to consider the weight of the table. Some tables weigh as little as 27 lbs, others go up to 45 lbs. Unless you will only be doing work in a studio or work we advise you to look for a table that weighs no more than 35 pounds. Is it worth spending more money on a table that weighs less? It may save you a trip to the chiropractor! Depends on what your priorities are but we definitely think it is something to consider.

Rule #5: Warranty matters

If you are planning on investing in a good quality massage table, you should consider the warrnaty as an important factor. Each brand comes with a fidderent warranty. Most of the tables we offer come with a warranty of 10 years or even a lifetime warranty on the frame. For the warranty on the foam or any other components please check with our customer service.

Rule #6: Invest in foam

Customers will not notice when the top vinyl layer of your table is broken or cracked or stained because it is always covered with fleece or any other soft cover. What they will always notice is how comfortable or uncomfortable the table feels. The thicker and softer the layer of foam, the more comfortable your client will feel. A soft foam layer of more than 2,5 inches is really recommended for relaxation massages. 
Therapists who specialize in massages that require more intensity, should invest in massage tables with thinner, high-density foam. The firm surface will offer better resistance. Two-inch foam is popular for sports massage, where the emphasis is on intense, highly targeted work more than comfort or luxury.

See, it is simple to make a educated decission on buying your new massage table.

Still questions, don't hesitate to call us at 1-866-855-0671.