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Iron Man

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5 Item(s)

Nothing Stronger Than Iron

There is no other name more prominent in the world of sports and fitness than Ironman.   Ironman is named after a triathlon that consists of a series of long distance triathlon races that is organized by the World Triathlon Corporation and is known throughout the world.  With intense fitness and exercise, you will get those that need a good massage to help with all the intense rigors of triathlons and athletics.  No one knows more about this than Ironman.

Paradigm Health and Wellness is the leading supplier of Ironman massage tables, and offers a wide selection of tables to choose from.  Paradigm and Ironman focus on product style, performance, innovation and products that deliver therapeutic benefits.  All Ironman massage tables are of the highest quality, bringing only the best for both the worker and the client.  

All Ironman tables are strong and light weight.  Easy height adjustment and a weight capacity over 2200 lbs. of static weight, make them a favorite in the industry.  Ironman massage tables are perfect for those on the go that need a reliable, easy to use, performance based table in the fitness industry.   No other brand knows the athlete more than Ironman and the massage tables reflect that.

All tables by Ironman feature thick foam for ultimate comfort.  With easy setup that takes only seconds, you will find that these tables are some of the most easy to use on the market today.  But don’t let the ease of use fool you, because Ironman is built like the triathlete, strong, powerful and resilient