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Massage Table Depot Mission

We at Massage Table Depot understand that massage tables are the most important aspect to a massage therapist. A solid and comfortable massage table serves as a crucial enhancer for a holistic and relaxing massage. Picking the right table for you is a huge part of your success as a body worker. At Massage Table Depot we take the responsibility of selling only the very best tables and equipment.

Finding the "Right" Massage Table

It may seem overwhelming at first and we understand that. Therefore we like to help you in your decision making process. Read our guidelines and you will see how easy it is to find the table (or chair) that is best for your business and for your customer. Don't let your choice depend on fancy accessories or other people's choices, make your own decision based on your personal characteristics and the type of work you will be doing. In case of doubt, feel free to call us at 1-866-855-0671 and we will help you in the decision making process.

Massage Supplies

Besides our outstanding brands for massage tables and chairs, you will also find great quality massage supplies to go with your new table or massage chair. Special oils, lotions and creams are essential to any massage therapist. We offer a nice assortment of towels, sheets, tools and more! We got all the essentials you need to get you on the path to success. 

We are committed to the wonderful benefits of massage therapy and we like to serve body workers with excellent products to pamper their customers to its fullest potential. It is our privilege to serve you in one of the fastest growing segments in the health industry today! Our success is based on our customer’s success and we look forward to helping you! 

Need help finding what you are looking for, call us at 1-866-855-0671 Mo - Fri, 9am - 5pm EST.

        The Massage Table Depot Leadership Team